Ervaringen met de Intimate Rose pelottes


Pain Free Intercourse in 6 PT Sessions 

After years of not being sexually active because of pain during inter course, my female patient returned to pain free intercourse in 6 PT sessions by specialized treatment of pelvic health PT and guided progression of vaginal dilators as home exercise program. Thank you.” 

Barbora USA 

Primary Vaginismus 

Got New Life With IntimateRose 

I’ve been using the dilators for a few weeks now and I’m making great progress. The dilators are soft and not as scary as I was expecting them to be. Intimate Rose and Dr. Amanda have really given me a new lease on my romantic life, and a new found confidence in my body. ” 

— R. W. USA   

IntimateRose Products Quality 

Dilators I Received are Just Awesome 

I’ve received a few other samples of dilators from a few other companies but the samples you sent are actually my favorite ones so far! They look like they’ll be awesome for patients. Thank you so much for all the sample products! ” 

–Kirsten Racinski USA 

Dilators for Vaginismus 

I’m reclaiming my sexuality 

Vaginismus is not something people talk about. I felt so ashamed for not be able to do what most people take for granted (have penetrating sex) and thought there was something wrong with, that I was a lost cause. 

But there is hope. I’m using the dilators and along with a pelvic floor physiotherapist, I’m reclaiming my sexuality. ” 

—Carolyn S USA  

Intimate Rose Dilators Are Smooth & Silky 

Premium Quality Dilators 

They are by far my absolute favorite products! Job well done getting them so smooth and silky!” 

—Holly Hernandez, PT, DPT USA 

Intimate Rose Products Are Outstanding 

Soft and Colorful 

“The quality of the products is outstanding and I really love how soft they are and the colors! They are so approachable and not intimidating at all. Thank you again! I will be recommending these for all my patients who need dilators or a pelvic wand.” 

Janelle Trippany USA 

Dilators Made My Intimate Life Easier 

Thank you for Excellent Dilators & Video Guides 

“Post menopause, I started needing lubricant for intercourse. After experiencing a burning sensation, I started backing away from having sex with my husband. I learned later that the new off the shelf lube was part of the problem. Unfortunately however, it started a pattern. Add a few years and increased dryness, frequency was almost shut down. A couple of weeks ago, my mild mannered husband blew up and I knew it was time to find a solution, fast.” 

After a bit of research, I decided that dilators and some time would probably help. Not clear about what size I needed, I got the full set with lube. One week ago they arrived and I ended up starting with the largest in the small box. The video guides helped a lot. In daily 5-7 minute sessions I was able to pinpoint what was causing my pain. It wasn’t size exactly, but more specific sensitive spots just inside the opening. Over the next several days I went up 2 sizes. As I “practiced” I began to understand my needs. Now, just one week later on our 10th anniversary morning I ditched the practice and went live with my husband. Happy to say, everything worked for both of us. ” 

And now I have a trusted tool to keep me from getting stuck again. Thank you for an excellent product and great follow up with your video training support went straight to my email.”